Need of Clinical decision support system

In India, the healthcare delivery systems are based on manual record keeping. Indian policy makers are yet to realize the importance of medical informatics in delivering healthcare.
Reaching a foolproof diagnosis is never an easy job for a clinician. Often, a simple diagnostic procedure or test is overlooked and the disease eludes diagnosis. Clinical reasoning and decision making are phased. Initially there is a clinical evaluation (history taking and physical examination), followed by precise laboratory investigations. Then integration of clinical findings and test results is done. After that, comparative benefits and risks are weighed among the alternative courses of actions, like drug interactions. Finally, the patient's preferences are taken into account, along with ethical and other considerations like cost of therapy, compliance expectations and a therapeutic plan is developed. Right from the first step (history taking) to the final one, computers can be of immense help to the clinician.
CDSS (Clinical or Diagnostic Decision Support Systems) are Interactive computer programs, which directly assist physicians and other health professionals with decision making tasks.
Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) form a significant part of the field of clinical knowledge management technologies through their capacity to support the clinical process and use of knowledge, from diagnosis and investigation through treatment and long-term care.

Ayurvedic Diagnostic System

If any Ayurvedic doctor, just by touching wrist, reveals about chronic disease or abnormalities and digestion or heart murmurs or kidney failure or peptic ulcer . All without prior knowledge do not attribute any extra-sensory perception or amazing occult power to him. It is just an interpretation of a profound theory, the nadi entity.

According to Ayurveda, every cell in our body sends its own unique signal to the heart via different vital organs, and the blood stream. These pranic currents of energy are then compressed into rhythmic pulsation, which can be decoded to reveal what is going on in the liver or the kidneys, the left ventricle of the heart or the right fallopian tube. One electro-magnetic wave is all it takes to telecast an entire scene; likewise, our constitution has devised out how to convey the entire body’s activities through the pulse or Nadi.

It is customary to examine radial pulse at the root of thumb of the right hand in case of males and of the left hand in case of females. Arterial pulsation is representive of the heart beat, which is the seat of mind and emotions.

During pulse examination, the patient should be lying flat on the bed or should be half inclined with the support of a pillow or backrest.

Acusens Scanning Device
Acusens Scanning Device helps the Ayurvdic way of scanning more scientific, realistic and accurate in present scenario and the traditional way of examination takes time and some time it is not possible to do as the tradition.

But by Acusens Scanning Device you can attach the sensors head to the palm of the patient. Touch sensor to the pulse. You get results of all the internal organs and suggestions for treatment.

Right Clinical Decision Making

Only Right Diagnosis is the Base of Best Treatment
Medical error is the sixth leading cause of death. Deaths due to diabetes, influenza, and pneumonia. It has been found that deaths occur due to preventable medical error and failure to diagnose and treat in time contributed to almost 75 per cent of all mortality attributable to patient safety incidents.

Perfect Diagnosis

Improve Your Skills To Achive Perfect Diagnosis
  • You must be an alert clinician and have updated knowledge in your respective field.
  • Accuracy of your diagnosis is the basis of treatment.
  • Some time reliability of different test reports is doubt full with will affect your diagnosis and line of treatment.
  • Which in turn lose reputation and patient’s faith?
  • If patient is paying money to get best services and treatment he should be provided with the best valid tests and diagnosis and line of treatment which cost him relevantly and justify him psychologically.