Right Clinical Decision Making

Only Right Diagnosis is the Base of Best Treatment
Medical error is the sixth leading cause of death. Deaths due to diabetes, influenza, and pneumonia. It has been found that deaths occur due to preventable medical error and failure to diagnose and treat in time contributed to almost 75 per cent of all mortality attributable to patient safety incidents.

Perfect Diagnosis

Improve Your Skills To Achive Perfect Diagnosis
  • You must be an alert clinician and have updated knowledge in your respective field.
  • Accuracy of your diagnosis is the basis of treatment.
  • Some time reliability of different test reports is doubt full with will affect your diagnosis and line of treatment.
  • Which in turn lose reputation and patient’s faith?
  • If patient is paying money to get best services and treatment he should be provided with the best valid tests and diagnosis and line of treatment which cost him relevantly and justify him psychologically.